viattech Q&S is recruting, join us !

Why join viattech Q&S ?

  • Joining viattech Q&S means integrating a dynamic, ambitious and enriching company, both technically and humanly.
  • The recruitment process is open to all candidates with a qualification in engineering and wishing to invest in the long term of our core business.
  • Our desire is to share a passion around a business project that stimulates the professional development of its employees in full harmony with the development of viattech Q&S.
  • We seek to integrate into the company living forces, full of optimism, radiating positive energy, overflowing with proposals and proud to disseminate the values ​​of viattech Q&S.
  • You do not just ask what viattech Q&S can do for you ? You rather know what you could do for viattech Q&S; then consult the job offers to discover the vacancies details.

Your profile

  • Are you an engineer passionate about our core business and the railway, aeronautics/space/defense, automotive or nuclear sectors ?
  • Do you have a good sense of relationships, innovation and service ?
  • Do you have an open, positive, creative and safe/reliable solution-oriented mind ?
  • Are you keen to apply engineering technologies and knowledge to serve the human well-being and its environment ?
  • Are you looking for a pleasant, serene and stimulating work environment ?
  • Do not hesitate, viattech Q&S is the company that you need !

HR Policy

  • The recruitment of human and technical skills necessary for the development of our business project
  • The integration of talents with a positive mindset focused on immediate action and results
  • A supervised approach for the employee’s integration and support within our team
  • Personalized career monitoring in harmony with the company’s vision and the employee’s aspirations
  • The employee’s loyalty and their recognition throughout their professional career

Job offers

Evaluation de la sûreté de fonctionnement - Certification
Posted 9 months ago
DĂ©veloppement commercial - Ventes
Posted 9 months ago
Sûreté de Fonctionnement (FDMS)
Posted 9 months ago
DĂ©veloppement de produits logiciels
Posted 9 months ago
Ingénierie système
Posted 9 months ago

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