Our areas of interventions cover the technological sectors submitted to strong dependability (RAMS) constraints


From the start, our core business specificities have been put at the service of public and private actors in urban (metro, tram), regional and international railway transport.

viattech Q&S has a recognized experience in the complex and highly constrained environments of large infrastructure programs aimed at securing and streamlining movements on railway networks as well as strengthening their interoperability degree.

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The railway transport system areas addressed by viattech Q&S cover the various sub-systems with a view to the overall consistency of risk management and safe integration of the whole:

  • Train Control, computerized or relay interlockings, track detection devices, ERTMS/ ETCS, GSM-R, infrastructure (track, yard, maintenance workshops, technical buildings, CCTV, access control)
  • Trackside and on-board Control-Command & Signaling (conventional signaling, national ATP, signaling all relay technology, communication networks, ETCS, CBTC, etc.)
  • Protection devices for maintenance staff on and around the track (blocking movement, decommissioning, work areas management)
  • Energy distribution, electric traction and catenary
  • Rolling stock
  • Operating and traffic management system (ATS, ATO, …)
  • Telematics applications serving users (passengers and goods)
  • Fire protection system, smoke extraction and technical installations in tunnels

Thanks to the normative context control (EN5012x in particular) acquired within the company, viattech Q&S provides major players in the sector with technical expertise services allowing them to develop safety control-command & signaling railway systems meeting the RAMS objectives and to correctly integrate them into their environment.

viattech Q&S has gained a long experience in the development and implementation of the interoperable ERTMS/ETCS level 1 and level 2 SIL 4 signaling system (trackside and on-board equipment) in accordance with the TSI standard and the CENELEC EN50126/EN50128/EN50129/EN50159 operational safety standards.

As major reference, our experts support the Belgian infrastructure manager in his/her deployment plan on the entire conventional network of the ETCS level 1 (FS and LS) and ETCS level 2 system superimposed on the lineside signaling as well as in the renewal of computerized interlockings projects.

Our intervention covers both studies and prescriptions developed within the framework of generic files as well as engineering activities intended for specific applications. Our engineers have contributed to the validation of the functional and ETCS level 1 and level 2 operational principles in accordance with national safety signaling rules.

We support the certification process for the ETCS installations integrated into their environment by ensuring the interface with various stakeholders: ISA safety evaluation body, NoBo notified body and the national authority of the railway safety.

Aeronautics – Space – Defense

In a constantly changing environment, the aeronautics (civil, military) and aerospace sectors actors must meet many challenges requiring new approaches and new skills.

The devices built by aircraft manufacturers must be increasingly safer, lighter, economical, easy to maintain, connected and less polluting. Best practices in the complex MBSE systems engineering and the use of design models become essential for the integration of the multiple on-board innovations that the market needs.

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The infrastructure will also have to evolve to allow the sustained growth of air traffic. The traffic control and flight plans management systems will use technologies capable of integrating future innovations while ensuring operational safety requirements.

viattech Q&S offers its technical skills in complex systems engineering and operational safety with a view to accelerating the development of effective solutions that meet the challenges of our customers in terms of environment, regulations and safety. Our methodological sheets are based on guidelines such as ARP4761, ARP4754B, DO-178C, DO-254, ARP5150 and ARP5151.

Faced with a threatening geopolitical context, the state authorities make investments to ensure their fellow citizens safety.

Technological advances related to connected objects, artificial intelligence and infrastructure modeling offer new perspectives to meet the needs of this sector. The defense sector faces a demand for efficiency and availability with the operational state maintenance and the military systems and equipment interoperability.

The continued increased volume of information requires the implementation of control measures in an environment where hacking and cyber attacks become more difficult to predict or to counter. Security technologies will need to deploy effective means to control the integrity, security and availability of information.

viattech Q&S offers solutions in the field of system engineering (requirements management, change and configuration management, MBSE, integration, V&V …), operational safety, maintenance engineering and logistics support based on an integrated multi-view modeling approach. Our methodological sheets are based on the military standards repository.


To maintain their competitiveness, manufacturers in the automobile sector continuously invest in R&D (ADAS systems, on-board systems, propulsion, electric vehicles, autonomous and connected vehicles).

To support this development, viattech Q&S offers its technical skills to support manufacturers in their innovative smart and connected vehicle projects involving an increasingly demanding operational safety. We also provide our services to project owners and operators in their hybrid or electric bus fleet acquisition projects.

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The advent of on-board electrical and electronic systems and driverless vehicle development projects raise new technological challenges in terms of reliability and functional safety.

Our proven skills in the complex systems engineering and operational safety allow us to support industrial actors in the automobile sector in controlling risks over the entire product life cycle. Our methodological sheets are based on the ISO 26262 standard dedicated to the functional safety of road vehicles.


Nuclear will remain a credible electric power generation solution that is capable of replacing fossil fuels with a low-carbon emission energy while meeting the world demand for electric power accompanying the economic growth. The nuclear industry will therefore continue to improve its competitiveness compared to other alternative energy sources by strengthening its operational safety requirements.

Nuclear safety studies and demonstration as well as the resulting requirements monitoring are key factors for the nuclear infrastructure and systems projects success. These requirements require from all stakeholders in the value chain to set up a safety culture training and development program.

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Effective risk management must be put in place to ensure that nuclear safety requirements are correctly taken into account in the work of other disciplines as early as possible in the preliminary projects phases.

On behalf of its clients, viattech Q&S carries out safety studies and probabilistic risk assessment based on modeling relating to hazardous events and accidents that may occur in a nuclear power plant. Given the level of complexity of the infrastructure, we adopt a systematic approach to a dysfunctional analysis based on a system modeling.


Whether you are a constructor, an equipment manufacturer, a contractor or a subcontractor, viattech Q&S is committed to your side in the success of your projects.

Whatever the sector of Industrial Process (chemicals, oil, gas, agri-food, paper mill etc.) or production of parts (metallurgy, plastics, wood industry etc.), viattech Q&S supports you by providing services that meet your RAMS needs. In the field of industrial machine and equipment, whether you are a manufacturer or an user, we help you to secure your working environment and bring it into compliance with the requirements of the Machine Directive.

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We are involved in the resolution of various problematic relating to dependability and hazardous risk management (HazOp, process FMECA, Event Tree Analysis), improvement of the reliability of industrial installations, integrated logistical support, testing and commissioning, production and maintenance (RCM, maintenance plan).

In the field of industrial machine and equipment, whether you are a manufacturer or an user, we help you to secure your working environment and bring it into compliance with the requirements of the Machine Directive (2006/42/EC) and the Equipment Directive : safety risk analysis, determination of the performance level (PL) and the safety integrity level (SIL), safety assessment of your machines or work equipment, validation and commissioning tests during the refurbishment of existing machines or the acquisition of new machines.

viattech Q&S performs safety analyzes of equipment (product FMECA, process FMECA, reliability studies and prediction), safety risk assessment of machine but also the compliance of the manufacturing environment to meet the requirements of the current machine safety standards (EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 14121-1, EN 60204-1, EN ISO 13849, EN ISO 13850, EN 1037 etc.).

Moreover, we perform studies supporting the design and implementation of control-command systems relating to machine safety, based on the functional safety standards EN IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1.