Collaborative and centralized tool for risk management from identification to closure of hazardous situations.

The centralized management of risks and operational safety activities is the best way for a company to effectively and economically respond to the most severe applicable standards criteria.

Based on the experience and expertise accumulated in the past, viattech Q&S has developed its own IRMS® hazard management tool.

IRMS® is a centralized and integrated IT tool allowing to manage automatically and in real time the risks and hazardous situations of one or more projects. IRMS® simply runs from a web-based interface (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox …) which makes it portable and accessible from any workstation with internet access, thus facilitating the work of its users.

The business tools compatibility between different departments or between different sites is resolved and IRMS® allows its users to work as a team.

IRMS® embeds several operational safety analysis modules communicating and exchanging their data automatically between them thanks to a centralized and integrated management of the database.

The most important module of the IRMS® tool is the C1 module relating to the centralized management of hazardous situations. It is within this module that all risks and constraints related to the hazardous situations identified in the various projects are managed.

IRMS® is available through the acquisition of licenses or rental of hosting service (SaaS) within the highly available viattech Q&S IT infrastructure.

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